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The only thing that is stopping you from being the person you want to be, is the belief that you are not that person today.

~ Mollie Sommer



Intuitive Soul Coaching is the process that connects you to your thoughts, emotions and feelings.  Awareness is where everything starts. 

We are all taught what to believe from our parents and through our experiences.  As adults these lessons help us thrive or can block us from moving forward into the lives we truely desire.

Intuitive Soul Coaching gives you the tools to decode the patterns and beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward.  Mollie Sommer guides you through the process of decoding your old beliefs and patterns; while helping you build new ones.

This process sets you up to achieve ANYTHING you desire.  There are no limits to where you can go.

90 Days to the life you have been dreaming of.




Embodied Sacred Life

Do you want a full and fruitful life?  Do you want balance?  

Do you want to feel contentment in the every day?  

Do you want to heal your past so that you can truly live your future?

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I just finished a 6 week transformation program with Mollie and my experience was amazing. With Mollie's gentle and loving guidance, we were able to dive deep into childhood beliefs, stuck emotions from the past, and current issues needing attention. Together, we created new belief systems and released old, unnecessary patterns from my being. I came out on the other end a new person; more self-aware, more confident, and happier! I would highly recommend a soul coaching program such as this with Mollie. You won't regret it. ` Megan Angeli

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Have you been searching for something different?  A way to relax, heal and re-energize?

Pamper yourself with an hour of healing, energy balancing and messages from Spirit.  Reiki energy focuses the natural flow of energy through the body to promote healing, lessen stress and leaves you feeling blissfully relaxed.

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Read stories and lessons from my perspective.  Messages to you from Spirit, lessons I have learned so that I can share them with you.

My life is a teaching tool, my writing is for you.

Blessings my friend.



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