Open yourself to the Life that is POSSIBLE

Do you wake up feeling tired, waiting for the chance to get back into bed?  Do you feel like you have so many things to do but none of it makes you happy?  Feel disconnected from yourself, friends and family?  Are you living a life by just going through the motions?  Do you feel like it is time for a change but you don’t know where to start?

Open yourself to the Sacred Woman that you ARE!

You are a Sacred Phoenix!  Rising up out of the ashes and into your Sacred Life!

There comes a time when you see that what you have been doing is no longer working for you.  A time when you fall to your knees and open to a new way.

I have been where you are, I have felt the dirt beneath my knees.  I know how it feels, how exhausting and daunting it can be to search for ways out.  

Sacred Phoenix Coaching Program with Mollie Sommer gives you back your power and empowers you to RISE up!  Together we take off the masks that you have been wearing, heal the wounds that you have put bandaids on and change the layers of beliefs that you have built to keep you from falling apart.

Through one-on-one sessions we discover your blocks, decoding your beliefs that are no longer serving in your highest good.  

Together we give you the tools that will empower you to work through any of life’s challenges.  You will build new muscles and learn how to fly!

Not just living your life but THRIVING in it.  

These sessions will free you from your inner turmoil.  Empower you to step into the life you want to lead and give you the skills to thrive as you move forward.  You will be able to find the calm when faced with adversity and you will build courage and strength to rise above it.

Book your Connection Call Today.  This meeting helps us determine what your biggest issues that you are facing today.  You will receive actionable steps to move forward today! 

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“Learning from Mollie is one of the kindest and most meaningful gifts I have given myself. I always look forward to the next topic area we explore; while some activities require diving into tough emotions, I have found the work to be joyful, rewarding and easy with Mollie’s compassionate guidance. I am grateful that she shares her beautiful heart with the world through teaching.” ~ Megan Hatcher

Don’t let self doubt or fear stop you from taking the first step, empower yourself.  Take a new path to where you want to be.  

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Sacred PhoenixOut Of The Ashes & Into Your Sacred Self In 90 Days

Week 1.  Intensive 2 hour session.  Releasing ceremony & Prayer of Acceptance

Uncovering of the past.

Self work - Building Awareness


Week 2. 1:1 Session Building Awareness

Meditation to prepare to release and heal old wounds

Self work  - Releasing


Week 3.  1:1 Session on rebuilding self.  Who am I?

Meditation to connect to higher self

Self work Values/ Six Human Needs


Week 4.  1:1 Session on Acceptance

Living within new values.  How to live from a place of who you want to be.

Self work - Building the next chapter


Week 5.  1:1 Session on Self Acceptance.

The past is the past.  Forgiveness of self.  I am not my past.  I create my future

Guided Meditation 

Self work - Finding Clarity


Week 6.  1:1 Session Seeing ALL of your life.   

Creating a daily practice to continue to open to create a stable foundation from which to grow

Self work - Gratitude 


Week 7. 1:1 Session on Self love, Finding The Soulmate in the Mirror.

Seeing all of yourself.

Guided Meditation 

Self work - Self love 


Week 8.  Learning to Self Celebrate 

Creating your future

Self work - Celebration of Life


Week 9. Completion of Cycle

Prayer of completion.  Completion Ceremony


After these 90 days you will feel and BE completely different.  You will be empowered, energized and full of life.

What are you waiting for? Take that FIRST Step 

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Want More Lusciousness?The Reiki Package

This journey is the ultimate act of self love, make your experience deeper and luxurious with the Reiki Package.

This option adds three relaxing hour long sessions with Spirit, healing energy and Chakra Alignment.

Receive clarity, affirmation and comfort while healing your energetic body.

Ask about this option today!

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