Open yourself to the change that is POSSIBLE

Do you wake up feeling tired, waiting for the chance to get back into bed?  Do you feel like you have so many things to do but none of it makes you happy?  Do you feel disconnected from yourself, friends and family?  Are you living a life by just going through the motions?  Do you feel like it is time for a change but you don’t know where to start?

There comes a time when you see that what you have been doing is no longer working for you.  A time when you fall to your knees and open to a new way.

I have been where you are, I have felt the dirt beneath my knees.  I know how it feels, how exhausting and daunting it can be to search for ways out.  

Intuitive Soul Coaching with Mollie Sommer gives you back your power.  This coaching program fills your tool box.  Together we take off the masks that you have been wearing, heal the wounds that you have put bandaids on and change the layers of beliefs that you have built up to this point.  

Through one-on-one sessions we discover your blocks, decoding how your body holds emotion.  Learning how to connect the thought with where you are feeling discomfort in your body.  

We make choices based on love or fear, learning how to know the difference allows you to make more choices out of love.  Love for yourself and for your life.  Together we give you the  tools that will enable you to work through any of life’s challenges.  

Not just living your life but thriving in it.  


These sessions will free you from your inner turmoil.  Empower you to step into the life you want to lead and give you the skills to thrive as you move forward.  You will be able to find the calm when faced with adversity and you will build courage and strength to rise above it.


Book your Heart Opeing Connection Call Today.  This meeting helps us determine where you are and where you want to go!  

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“Mollie has made quite a a difference in my life.  6 weeks ago I was in a very closed and damaged place. She has an amazing calm about her that made me feel safe right away. She has guided me to places in me that I have never been but desperately needed to accept. I have been able to move past and accept what I cannot change. Release the ego driven mind chatter that had directed me all my life. To stop living in the past and trying to control the future. Given me the tools to be in a calm and grateful place that allows me to live my life as a better person. Each day. Me.” ~ Rick Chapman


Don’t let self doubt or fear stop you from taking the first step.  Try a new path to where you want to be.  Try something you haven’t before.

Book your 30 minute Heart Opening Call and recieve an actionable step to take TODAY!