July 2019

"Mollie is one of the most amazing, inspiring, authentic and empowering woman I know! She has helped me accept where I am in life, she has helped me focus on finding the things I am grateful for and tune into my feminine side - which allows me to show up with strength and presence as a mom and coach!! If you’re feeling stuck or like something is missing, chat with Mollie. I promise one conversation with her will help you move forward."

~Carly Turcott


June 2019

"Learning from Mollie is one of the kindest and most meaningful gifts I have given myself. I always look forward to the next topic area we explore; while some activities require diving into tough emotions, I have found the work to be joyful, rewarding and easy with Mollie’s compassionate guidance. I am grateful that she shares her beautiful heart with the world through teaching!"

~Megan Hatcher

February 25, 2019

"Mollie came into my life when I had already started making some life changes, but still felt stuck in a number of old routines and patterns that were no longer serving me. I was drawn to her intuitively, even though my fears tried to talk me out of working with her. Ultimately, I took a big leap into a 12 week program with Mollie and the time has been very well spent.

I highly recommend Mollie Sommer Wellness, especially for her coaching and guidance. She has helped me through a number of difficult situations and provided me with tools to use and carry forward. Mollie is patient and loving, but also very direct. She asks you to consider some hard questions and discover truths about issues that are below the surface. Mollie also says certain things that you need to hear, even if you don’t understand why it’s important at the time.

At this point in my journey, I am very thankful for the opportunity to continue to work with Mollie. I have started rediscovering my self and once again trust my judgment and decisions. I am now looking forward to realizing more goals (both minor and major), living more peacefully in the present, and identifying new passions. Thank you Mollie."

~Kerry McGuire


December 12, 2018

"I’d like to say that I met Mollie by chance, but I believe that we were meant to connect at some point in our lives. Like most people seeking support, I came to her at a time when my life seemed to be falling apart. Chronic stress, depression, exhaustion and other physical health issues were cropping up all over the place. Two decades of over-working, high-achieving perfectionism, not to mention the terrible problem of saying yes to everything and everyone, finally caught up to me. I felt like an empty vessel and I knew I needed help.

Acknowledging this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I was someone who was always in control. I did not break down. I had no problem juggling being a working professional(with 2 jobs), a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, etc, etc,without skipping a beat. I could battle my anxiety, panic attacks, migraines, stomach aches, lower back issues, fatigue, self-hate, toxic relationships and keep pressing on. I became so convincing that everything was fine, that I even convinced myself. Thistime, though, something was different. This time I could see and feel, clearer than ever, the damage I was doing to myself and my family. I should have been terrified but instead, I felt hope, like I was connected to something greater that was holding my hand and ready to lead me, step by step to a better place. Things, naturally started to happen and, during this stage of recovery, people appeared in my path who needed to be there. Mollie was one of these people.

When I first met her I told her, with control-freak gumption, that I knew what was going on with me. I told her I was having a mid-life crisis. Before I could even get that last word out of my mouth she stopped me and said that we would, from that point on, be reframing our conversations. My mid-life crisis would now be called my awakening. That was the beginning of my journey to rewrite, rebuild and reset who I am today. 

For the following 12 weeks I dove deep into my heart – a place that was dominated by my ego and old stories I had carefully crafted out of protection and fear. Stories that no longer served me. Ones that intuitively felt misaligned with who I knew I was deep down inside but clung to for dear life. Stories that clawed me back from my potential. With Mollie’s help, I went back to my 7-year-old self, my teenage self, my young-adult self. I exposed, acknowledged, forgave and gave so much love to all the sadness, pain, guilt and confusion. Freedom from my past provided space for me to live in the moment – and wow, did Ilive. I remember tasting food differently during this process. Sweet had never been sweeter! Old songs I had listened to over and over had new meaning and would bring a tear to my eye. One day, I danced so hard that I started to cry with happiness.The whole time, I was writing a new story for myself, which coincidently happened to be the story of my true self – a beautiful old friend I had ignored for so long. My new story isnow one of a wise goddess, heart bursting with light. It is now astory of a woman who, with a great deal of self-love, managed to figure her shit out and in doing so, changed the course of herhealth and happiness not to mention that of the next severalgenerations in her family! It is a story of peace and contentment, gratitude and love. What this truly feels like is hard to put into words. Perhaps I can best describe it as spending a lifetime searching for that one rock that has kept the dam plugged up and then finding it, releasing it, and feeling all the powerful light and love coming rushing in. Truly amazing.

I have so much to be thankful for and Mollie is among the people I am most grateful to. Her approach to healing was assuring and warm. I felt I could trust her from the very beginning. The tools I learned will stay with me forever. She is truly a powerful resource – wise, insightful and gracious, not to mention a beautiful and loving soul. If I could encourage even one other person, who is struggling in life, to connect with her, then I’ve done my part in helping our collective well-being. “  

~Jennifer Read



“I am excited to share with any and all that may be considering a journey of self-awareness, personal growth and overall emotional & physical wellness. For me, stepping outside my comfort zone and welcoming a ‘Life Coach’ has yielded great rewards in a very short time.

I express gratitude every day for Mollie Sommer coming into my life when I needed her the most. I was not convinced that this was the answer I was looking for… but I just had faith, faith in Mollie to help me find my way and get my ‘circus of a life’ on the right track.

In a very short time I have developed tools with Mollie’s guidance to live with purpose – be present and in the moment. Being conscious of my thoughts and how they affect the events around me. Learning to live in gratitude and let that be the start of every day! Setting goals and learning to love myself are two of my biggest challenges, I’m still a work in progress.

Being given the tools of awareness has been invaluable on my journey to grow into ‘My Best Life’, the life I was intended to be living. Thank you, Mollie, for your selflessness, spirit and guidance. Eternally grateful.”

~ Tammie Strack


“Hi Mollie - I am a very grateful person, but I started your 7 days to grateful living this morning - writing it down on your worksheets.  I just have to tell you that it worked way better saying “I am grateful for having nice clean bathrooms” than it did saying “I have to clean the bathrooms today, that sucks!” — and now my bathrooms are all clean and I am SO GRATEFUL!!”

~ Annmarie


”I did a workshop with Mollie on living life receptively and it was truly life changing! Mollie is real, powerful and completely lovely. What a treat to have a "retreat" experience right here in Kamloops without having to travel somewhere!”

~ Robyn


“I had reached a point where I didn’t like where anything was going in my life. I came across Mollie’s video on her Intuitive Life Coaching Program and it was clear to me that this is something I had to do to take the steps to make a better life for myself.  As someone who consistently deals with a lifetime of inner turmoil of self-doubt, anxiety, frustration, and dwelling on my past failures, working with Mollie is giving me the tools I require to start creating the life I want and become the person I know I can be.  I used to fear the situation I was in and what lies ahead on the road of life. The lessons I am learning from Mollie make me much more optimistic about my future and the new person I will become. As a result, I find that I am being much easier on myself, learning to be patient in the process with the changes that are happening, and creating the balance I want in my life. I am now becoming more conscious and appreciative of what life hands me on a day-to-day basis. Change does not happen over night, it takes a lot of work to let go of the past and figure out what it takes to start loving yourself.  Mollie is making this progression simpler for me to understand.  Thank you Mollie!”

~ Kris Austin

I just completed a three month transformational 1:1 coaching with Mollie and my everyday living has turned a corner in the right direction!!

I first met with Mollie because my life seemed meaningless, I was triggered, agitated, annoyed and judged my loved ones! I had no drive to do anything spontaneous and was looking at everything &everyone negatively! ! So I knew there must be a better way to go through life....well Mollie showed me the way....from the first time I heard & watched her speak at a Wellness workshop....I loved this woman....compassionate, kind, intelligent, strong I felt her connection!!

So my 3 months journey began...it is a commitment but an empowering one...one of self discovery, self love, I found love in people once again, I was stronger! Journalling has continued a weekly tool as is meditation and being in nature!!

Mollie, weekly, would teach me a tool to be used daily, weekly or monthly I kept thinking I'll never grasp all this knowledge she shared & taught me...at times it was overwhelming but I had many "aha" moments with her during the sessions as well as daily! Those moments were empowering & indescribable the emotions & strengths I felt from them!! I would immediately text her & share!

I would recommend any sessions you can fit into your schedule with Mollie!! I'm overwhelmed and so grateful to have worked with her!! I am thriving and going through life happy, content and peaceful!! My words can not describe the gratitude I have towards Mollie, her compassion to see the light in me was overwhelming!!! I would highly recommend Mollie!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

~ Stacey Despot

“Mollie has made quite a difference in my life.  Six weeks ago I was in a very closed and damaged place. She has an amazing calm about her that made me feel safe right away. She has guided me to places in me that I have never been but desperately needed to accept. I have been able to move past and accept what I cannot change. Release the ego driven mind chatter that had directed me all my life. To stop living in the past and trying to control the future. Given me the tools to be in a calm and grateful place that allows me to live my life as a better person. Each day. Me.”

~ Rick Chapman


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