When I was eighteen I stayed with my Aunt for a week.  I was sleeping on the couch in her living room and she would wake up at 4am to have her morning coffee and smoke.  This was her morning practice.  She said she couldn’t start the day right without the daily routine.  At eighteen, I thought she was nuts!  I would have much rather stayed in bed and left the house with seconds to spare.  Though I don’t agree with smoking and adding toxins to your body, I do now see the value in her practice.

As an adult, I have always been able to wake up, be wide awake and jump out of bed.  As soon as my feet hit the ground I have been off like a bolt of energy, going out running or going to the gym, mornings have always been my time.  Over the last two years my morning practice has changed and, in changing it, I have seen my life change along side it.

A healthy and balanced morning practice is so important for sustaining a healthy life.  It sets your intention for the day, it solidifies your energy for the day and it helps you bring your goals and desires into your life.

When starting a new practice it is very important to set yourself up for success, to create rituals that align with your life.  Adding too many new things will only over whelm you and decrease your chances of continuing.  

When I teach gratitude to my clients I ask that they start as soon as their mind becomes conscious.  Give thanks.  Gratitude is the starting block to the day.  Start in the energy of gratitude, then build from there.  

Add things like;

  • Self love
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Reading - Continuing Education 
  • Tarot cards
  • Manifestation
  • Affirmations
  • Rituals - cleansing with sage, crystals, palo santo etc...
  • Yoga
  • Other movement 
  • Healthy breakfast

Your morning practice can be as long or as short as you like.  There are books like, “The Morning Miracle” by Hal Elrod that go in depth and teach a specific ways to start your day.  For my life though, I found it difficult to commit to a scheduled time, but for millions this works.  

For me, my morning ritual has to be more fluid and is led by my intuition.  Each day, I slow down and tune in, I ask what is in my highest good for that day.  I breath for 5-10 minutes and feel into my body.  I then ask the sprints for clarity, protection, love and positivity.  I draw some tarot cards for the day and journal some goals and affirmations.  This all takes about 15-20 minutes.  When I am done, I get my coffee and I read for another 15-20 minutes.  

If my body feels the need to move, I walk and do all of this either in a park or when I get home.  Movement can be as rigorous or as gentle as you like.  The point is to move, don’t push yourself beyond your limits.  Make it fun, if you don’t like it you wont continue it.  

Listening to what your body needs helps you honour yourself.  When you do this along with your daily practice to set your day, it helps you build a self love practice at the same time.  

Whether you take 5 minutes or an hour, adding some or all of these practices will change your life.  Making small changes and building what works for you, is how you build a successful morning practice.  

So what are you waiting your?  Wake up tomorrow and start fresh!