I can no longer sit quiet on this subject, and the messages have been loud and clear that now is the time to speak up.  

When I started coaching I had to get very clear on who I wanted to coach, to choose a target market.  Something specific, something that I could relate to and create a marketing strategy around.  Wanting to help as many people as I can, this was very hard for me to do but I grudgingly narrowed down my market.

My biggest hurdle was defining sex; focusing on women versus men.  I chose women, because I am one and I can relate my experiences to them better than with men.


Men need a voice.  Men suffer in silence far too often and I can no longer sit quietly without shedding some light on this subject.  Men need the light as much as women do.

Culturally we are in a place where women are rising to new heights. We are shattering the glass ceilings and liberating ourselves from years of oppressive standards.  It is a very empowering time for women.  

At the same time we are forgetting that men are struggling too.  So often I see friends, family and clients who are men and they are suffering in silence.  Full of fear, shame and guilt.  Afraid to raise their voices for fear of being seen as weak or failures or “un-manly”.  Holding the burden of their families on their shoulders, struggling to stand tall.  Fighting to look like everything is in place and as it should be.  

We have put them in an impossible position.  We expect them to be strong, to hold the responsibilities of the family, of their careers and of their relationships.  Women want their men to be supportive and encouraging but forget that they also need to be that for their men.  It is not a one way street.

Most men deal with their emotions by either avoiding them all together and putting blinders of denial on, numbing the pain by turning to alcohol, drugs or addiction, or literally coming out swinging with rage and anger.

They never truly dive into what is holding them in this limbo of life.  Never owning their pain and suffering and coming eventually to a place, literally waiting for the end.  What kind of life is that?!

So today I stand for you.  You are worthy of a life free of shame, guilt and fear.  You are worthy of a voice.  You deserve to live a full and fruitful life just like women do and you deserve just as much respect, love and passion.

Men and women are reflections of each other, we are all light and dark.  We all have both feminine energy and masculine energy within us.  Balance is what we need to strive for, not one sex rising over the other, not power over each other, but balance. We need to look at each other and see that within us we are all the same.  We all experience this life with the same core emotions; love, joy, sadness, anger, fear and shame.  

Honouring each other,  we can change our past patterns and build a new path.  A path where we all rise together, not one sex over the other, not one person over another; together, equally.