Living Courageously

What does living courageously mean to you? Does it mean jumping out of a plane? Or Driving fast on the highway? Does it mean speaking your voice so people can hear your ideas?

I used to think it was all of these. I have bungee jumped in New Zealand, Scuba dived off the Great Barrier Reef and stood in front of a crowd of people and told my story. I thought by do- ing these things that I was being courageous and in some ways I was, but I now see there is much more depth to being courageous than the outward expression of it.

This past week I went to Whistler, BC for Wanderlust. I was there to help a friend and as a gift she gave me two day passes for the festival. I did not know who was speaking but I knew I wanted to listen rather then practice yoga on the mat. So I went to a Speakeasy and it has changed how I think of courage.

The speakers where Linda Francis and Gary Zukav. The story of how I walked into this particular talk will be our topic next week but for today I want to talk about the topic of courage.

As I sat an listened to them ask, “what is courage?” and “how do you live with courage?”, I heard the same voices reflect what was in my head. Then Gary spoke of living courageously for yourself. Living a life choosing to live from love and the courage it takes to do this every day. Our choices either come from fear or love, I have been letting fear slow me down. Love is how you move effortlessly through this time on earth; how you open to infinite possibilities.

Love for yourself, love for others, love for the earth. Love, love love!

Honouring yourself every moment when you hear your heart. “Don’t have another cup of coffee” or “Cross the street at the corner not the middle.” All of these messages are meant to take you into the flow, yet most of the time we say, “nah, I will do that later’, or “one more cup won’t hurt”, or “one more drink, I am fine.”. Denying these messages is denying your self. Denying the path that you are supposed to walk and when you are walking a path that wasn’t meant for you, there is suffering.

Following them, every one of them, takes courage.

Choosing to love yourself before all others, before your children, takes courage. Choosing to act from love when you are with others, when there is conflict, when you are struggling. That takes courage. That is living life courageously.

So now, when you think of living courageously what comes into your heart? What have you been putting off? What have you been denying yourself because you are in a place of fear? What have you been doing out of fear?”

How can you take your next step with courage and move into the flow of love?