How do you define a happy, healthy well lived life?

When I see my life at its most happiest of times I am always in the company of my closest friends, my family and my children. There is laughter, sunshine and food; lots of food.

As an adult, these moments have been too few and too far between. I have spent years searching, feeling lost, alone and isolated. I searched for family that would love me the way I thought family “should” love. I was desperate to feel accepted for who I was, never really feel- ing like I belonged with anyone; even in my own family not really fitting in.

The shift came when I stopped searching outside of myself. When I stopped looking for the feelings of love and acceptance in others. When I stopped looking to my family to love me the way I wanted to be loved. When I stopped searching for friends who would call me and invite me to dinner. When I stopped looking for a job that satisfied my ever changing interests.

The shift came when I started to give all that I was searching for, to myself.

You see, I am the only one who knows how I want to be loved. I am the only one who sees that vision of my happiest time. I am the only one who can give myself all of the adventure and excitement that I know this life is supposed to be.

So I started giving it to myself, and do you know what happened? My life changed. My visions started to come to life. Moments in reality where my imagination and my eyes where seeing the same thing. Moments when I couldn’t tell the difference between the feelings I had in my heart and the ones I had thought up. Moments that were so magic, that time seemed to stand still and a lifetime could be seen in a flash.

That is living life well.

We miss SO much when we are searching for the answers to fill us up. So many moments pass by while we are looking in the other direction. Moments that are forever gone.

So what do you see when you close your eyes and you see yourself happy? How do you feel? Who are you with? What is the light like? What is the air like?

Close your eyes and see. See this moment, feel this moment. Remember this moment so that when you come to it you will be able to stop and see that you created this moment! One moment at a time you built this life that you are living so well.

Now take a breath and let it out. What is the first thing you need to do to get you there? What is the first thing you need to give yourself to get you there? What is the first thing you need to let go to get you there?

I will tell you....


Love yourself. Love yourself to take one step forward.