I have a confession to make; I haven’t been living in all of my core values for the last five months. I didn’t know or see it happening but slowly over time I withdrew from my life. It started with a need to hibernate, a feeling to wrap myself in warmth and hide away in my house. At first I was excited to do this, it felt new to me, I had never had a home where I wanted to be in it more than elsewhere. As time past however, I slowly started to choose my home instead of going out, instead of taking adventures and instead of creating community.

As I reflected on my year to create my 2019 goals I saw this pattern; this slow decline of self over time. When the monthly medicine came to me to Live The Life I Love I saw that I had not been living this for quite some time. Seeing this I started to make adjustments, I started to look at practices that I can bring back into my life so that I am living this way every day.

How do you embody a sacred life? 

1. Discover what is Sacred to you.

    What lights up your heart? What creates passion in your soul? What brings a smile to your face when you think of it? What lights you up? Is it helping people? Is it being with friends and family or animals? Is it nature or movies? Whatever it is to you, move toward it, follow it. This path will lead you to more answers, more opportunities and more LIFE.

2. Check in with your values every day.

    Why are values important? Values help you align with who you are and who you want to be. Values help you determine who you want to spend your time with. If someone or something doesn’t align with your values you can stop giving them your energy. Honour your values, give them to yourself as well as others. Treat yourself as you would treat someone you loved.

3. Take Massive Action!

    We all have dreams, visions, desires and ideas but if you don’t take massive active steps toward them you will never get anywhere. See yourself having already achieved your dreams, how does that YOU act? Would that YOU take action or sit on the couch? One step at a time you will move forward, one step at a time you will build strength, one step at a time you will build the life you love.

 4. Be GRATEFUL for the journey

The grass is never greener on the other side of the fence. Checking in with the abundance you are surrounded with every day will help you shift from a mindset of lack to that of abundance and gratitude. If you are struggling with self-sabotage and doubt remember, CLEAN DRINKING WATER. You are incredibly blessed to have access to water every day, 780 MILLION people don’t have that luxury. There is always something to be grateful for.

As I move through 2019 my intention is to live by my values; LOVE, FAITH, KINDNESS, INTEGRITY and ADVENTURE. I will check in with myself every day and ask “Does the person I want to be make this decision?” I will take big steps toward my goals, no more sitting on the fence. I will live the life I love and love the life I live every day.

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