Growing up, I can remember vivid memories of my mother pulling out the mop bucket and cloth in early Spring.  I remember being so frustrated, thinking that we were about to spend the whole day inside, when all I wanted to do was go out and play.  Cleaning the house, organizing the house was a chore that just didn’t feel important to me; chasing butterflies and dreaming in the clouds was much more to my liking on the first, beautiful days of Spring.

This mindset followed me into adulthood, it drove my mother nuts, but I still didn’t see the value in staying inside to clean when I could be running through the woods or chasing a dream.  Over time, my house became cluttered and I started to see the resemblance to my mind.

I was living a life running from moment to moment, never sitting still or observing myself.  It wasn’t until the Divine forced me to sit and have a look did I stop to listen and observe to what was going on in my mind; my inner home.

What I found was that my mind, just like my home had become cluttered, things were out of order and there were many old things that I was holding onto.  My mind and my home were constricting me and I had grown so accustomed to the feeling that I had actually become numb to it.

Things had to change, I had to change, and so once at a time I began to clean.  I cleaned out my old clothes and got rid of my old stories.  I donated old furniture and found new places to sit in stillness.

Your house is a mirror for what is going on in your mind.  If your rooms are cluttered and disorganized, so are your thoughts.  If you hold on to old things that no longer bring value to your life, you are also holding onto old stories, people and memories that no longer serve you.  If you don’t feel at peace in your home, you will not feel at peace in your mind.

So how do you clean out your mind without feeling overwhelmed and fearful?  One room at a time.

Awareness is the first step in all of your Spring cleaning. Like looking for fingerprints on your walls, take the time to observe what is going through your mind?  Where do your thoughts go when you are “zoning out”.  Are they off on an old love?  Are they thoughts of lack or fear?  Do you dream of goals and desires but never take any action?

Becoming aware shows you where and how to start.  Which room do you clean first? Do you work on letting go? Forgiveness? Compassion?  Self Healing? Self love? Or do you throw it all out and start again?

Next organize your thoughts.  Like cleaning out your closet; write out what is in your mind so that you know what to keep and what to throw away.  What thoughts are no longer serving you?  Or no longer in alignment with who you are or want to be?  Write it ALL out; fill up sheets of paper, then organize.

Finally what do you want to put back?  How do you want to think?  Who do you want to be?  Create thoughts and emotions to go along with them.  Build affirmations that change the way you think. "I am strong", I am worthy", "I believe in myself".  No matter what your affirmations are, keep them close.  The more often you can recite them the faster you will change your thoughts; keeping your new mind clear and open.  Then build a practice that works for you to create your new emotions; trial and error.  What fits?  What doesn't?  Try on emotions that you want to create in your life.  What do you want to feel most often? Joy? Contentment? Ecstasy? Love?

Where ever you are meant to start, there is no wrong place.  Going one room, one step at a time will get your chores done.  You will feel lighter, and freedom to move from one room to the next allowing yourself to go forward into Spring with plenty of energy and time to explore your own version of the woods.