I can remember my mother telling me to smile because it lit up my face.  I remember thinking that she was being silly and she was bias because she was my mom; sorry mom.

Now I can see the power of a smile, I see it everywhere I go; in the classes I teach, on the street, with my friends and family.  Smiling is a power tool!

Have you ever tried to smile at someone who looked sad or angry?  Have you ever smiled at a stranger walking on the street?  Smiling at people not only makes them happier but makes you happier as well.

The science shows that when we smile our brain gets an instant hit of happiness hormones including endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.  One smile can decrease your blood pressure, lower stress hormones and stimulate you the same way as 2000 chocolate bars!

My mom was right!  When you smile you do light up, not only from the outside but from the inside as well.

So how do you wield this new found power? Smile at yourself in the mirror, smile at people in traffic, smile at people walking on the street or in your office.  If we all took one second and smiled at each other we would create a ripple of happiness; a wave of joy that would spread outward.  There are no limitations to where your one smile could travel to.

Do you believe me yet?  Or do you have doubts like I did when hearing this from my mother?

I challenge you today to test this theory.  Start right now…. As you read this turn the outsides of your mouth upwards… Go on try it.  As I am typing this I am smiling at you right now.  I bet you can t help yourself.  Your brain is already feeling the happiness.

Now take that one step further and smile at someone you love, someone you know or even someone you don’t!

Remember this little power tool that you have with you wherever you go.  Even in times of stress smiling can create feelings of joy which can create positivity and optimism in these difficult times.