When was the last time you truly sat in silence and listened to what your body was telling you?  Have you ever?  Do you give yourself time monthly, weekly or daily?  In every moment, in every day your body is talking to you.  It is telling you what it needs to be its best self; are you listening?

My body is LOUD.  She tells me to eat more meat, more fat, walk more, be still more.  She tells me to love her, to appreciate her, to learn more about her.  I sometimes feel like I can never satisfy her but she is ever changing, shifting with life like a blade of grass on the bottom of the ocean floor.  She moves, she grows, she blooms and then rests.  She has a cycle in every month, in every year and in every day.  She is reborn over and over only to die again.  She is strong, beautiful, fragile and delicate.

Over the last eight months she has been telling me to get to know her monthly moon cycle, something that I haven’t know since before my children were born.  Even then I did not really know her, I manipulated her to give me what I wanted, children.  I started hearing the messages to remove the IUD that I had placed inside her six years ago in November.  It was a soft whisper, a thought, a word, “remove”.  Like a whisper on the wind, I heard her and then it was gone but she repeated itself.

I started to consider it, I booked the appointment, but fear snuck into my heart.  Could I risk not being “safe”, could I live with the chance that I may get pregnant?  I decided that I couldn’t and cancelled the appointment, quietly apologizing to myself for not having the courage to listen.

Six months passed and the whisper turned into a louder and louder message, until pain began to be the message.  She is so smart, my body, your beautiful body, to increase the message until received.

Last week I removed the IUD and the doctor looked at me curiously when I said I would not be replacing it and that I wanted to get to know myself again.  Just as the word “remove” was spoken so many months before, I swear I could feel a celebration happening deep within my womb, a collective “sigh” from within to be rid of the foreign object.

I am excited to get to know my cycle, to discover the depths that have been covered over the years.  I hear more whispers of what my beautiful body wants; love, respect, gentleness.

What is your body whispering?  What are you being asked to give yourself?  Do you have the courage to listen?  It takes courage that no one will ever know about, the silent courage to honour the relationship that is the most important in your life, the relationship with yourself.

What is the alternative to listening? Allowing the messages to get louder and louder, pushing them away until they are no longer whispers, they become typhoons.  Allowing the fears to blind you to the pain, allowing the fears to stop you from honouring yourself and your life.  The messages rage through your body, desperate to be heard, they grow and metastasize into illness, sickness or worse. Death.

It is time to start listening, to start sitting quietly and asking “What do you need?” Or “How can I honour you?” Often the answer is a word, “Love”, simple yet difficult to give to yourself unconditionally.  It is time to get to know your Sacred Self.