I am so passionate about what I do and I LOVE when my clients leave my coaching feeling fulfilled and peaceful.


"I just completed a three month transformational 1:1 coaching with Mollie and my everyday living has turned a corner in the right direction!!

I first met with Mollie because my life seemed meaningless, I was triggered, agitated, annoyed and judged my loved ones! I had no drive to do anything spontaneous and was looking at everything &everyone negatively! ! So I knew there must be a better way to go through life....well Mollie showed me the way....from the first time I heard & watched her speak at a Wellness workshop....I loved this woman....compassionate, kind, intelligent, strong I felt her connection!!

So my 3 months journey began...it is a commitment but an empowering one...one of self discovery, self love, I found love in people once again, I was stronger! Journalling has continued a weekly tool as is meditation and being in nature!!

Mollie, weekly, would teach me a tool to be used daily, weekly or monthly I kept thinking I'll never grasp all this knowledge she shared & taught me...at times it was overwhelming but I had many "aha" moments with her during the sessions as well as daily! Those moments were empowering & indescribable the emotions & strengths I felt from them!! I would immediately text her & share!

I would recommend any sessions you can fit into your schedule with Mollie!! I'm overwhelmed and so grateful to have worked with her!! I am thriving and going through life happy, content and peaceful!! My words can not describe the gratitude I have towards Mollie, her compassion to see the light in me was overwhelming!!! I would highly recommend Mollie!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!" - Stacey Despot