Twenty two days ago I woke up in the middle of the night. My daughter had called out in her sleep but by the time I got there she was already snoozing peacefully.  I went back to bed with the intention of doing the same but the Spirits had other plans.

As I lay there waiting for unconsciousness the voice in my mind said, “write”.  To which I replied, “tomorrow, go to sleep!”

Now if you have experienced this feeling you will know that back talking gets you no where.  So I woke up and wrote the words in my head.

When I finished, the voice said, “Good, now do that for 100 days.”

I am not one to turn down a challenge so I agreed.  100 Days of writing content.  I dont know what I will come up with but I know that the words I write are not meant for me, they are meant for you.

The next 78 days are a journey into the depth of my soul.  Most the subjects are not planned and they are scripted by the downloads from the spirits.

Join me on this journey, you may see that one day there is a message for you.