Join Trisha Sellmer and myself for this beautiful weekend of Mindfulness & Art Tricia Sellmer is a multi-layered, multi-medium Canadian artist working primarily within the parameters of painting and drawing. For more than twenty - five years, she has concentrated on making the invisible visible. Her interests are four -pronged. The first probes the personal and veiled subtleties of the garden and the shifting patterns of the landscape. The second finds the extraordinary in the ordinary and focuses largely on the domestic lives of women and in particular those lives that have often been forgotten within the dialogue of history or silenced through circumstances beyond their control. The third searches for truths to write / right a wrong. The fourth connects the dots and blurs the boundaries between genres, often in collaboration with other artists who work in a different medium. This weekend will be a beautiful blend of yoga, meditation, letting go and intuitive art. Included in the weekend: Lunches daily Yoga and meditations (Lead by Mollie Sommer) Creativity & movement workshop (Lead by Mollie Sommer) Painting techniques and colours workshop (Lead by Trisha Sellmer) Intuitive Painting (Lead by Trisha Sellmer) 30x30 Canvas to paint and take home All painting supplies will be provided The weekend will run Saturday June 16th from 8am to 5pm and Sunday June 17th from 10am to 4pm. Cost: $349.00 + tax

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